Members of the Credit Mobility Strand of ESAA (CMS, which includes OCEANS Network, ESN and GaragErasmus) who take part in the activities of regional events, participate in the events organised by CMS, attend the meetings to represent CMS and are involved in other related CMS projects have the right to get their costs reimbursed according to the set reimbursement rules and CMS budget.


Reimbursement rules:

Article I:

§ 1. Only selected participants in the events organised by the Credit Mobility Strand (CMS) or approved by the members of CMS Steering Committee are subject to reimbursement.

§ 2. The reimbursement of expenses may be subject to a reimbursement cap, which means that expenses up to the agreed amount can be reimbursed. The cap is set by the Coordinating Board individually for every event and communicated in the invitation.
If a participant has attended an event with an agreed Reimbursement Cap, he/she has to put the amount of the Reimbursement Cap in the appropriate field.

§ 3. Administration of the reimbursement is carried out by the service provider ICUnet located in Germany.


Article II:
Objects of reimbursement within a cap

§ 1. Travel costs to attend the event are reimbursed as follow:

a)   The reimbursable means of transportation are:

  • public transport (second class)
  • trains (second class)
  • flights (economy class)
  • private cars (gasoline is reimbursed upon submission of the original receipt)
  • No taxis, unless special circumstances are given, which have to be described in an enclosed justification letter and are subject to special approval.

b)   The CMS activity must be the main point and reason for travel. As a basic principle the itinerary should bring the participant from his/her starting point to the place of the event and back in good time.

c)    The CMS activity is still regarded as the main point and reason for travel if the participant decides to prolong his/her stay before or after the activity for not longer than two weeks in total. Stays longer than two weeks are subject to an extra approval by the European Commission, prior to the ticket purchase.

d)   If the participant has other urgent commitments that make a round trip unfeasible, origin and end of the trip may differ.
Thus, the travel is reimbursed following the model “point A – PLACE OF EMA ACTIVITY– point A” or “point A – PLACE OF EMA ACTIVITY – point B”.
If the starting point and the end point of the trip are in different cap-regions, the average of the two different caps apply. Example:

(European Cap + Oceanian Cap) : 2 = average cap

e)   Stop-over longer than one day is considered to be the final destination.

§ 2. Reasonable accommodation costs, if necessary to attend and not covered by the event organisation (for example, hostels are acceptable, anything above 3 stars only after approval).

§ 3. Printing/copying/telephone card costs related to the event (only for funding tool accepted events).

§ 4. Meal costs, if not provided by the event organisation and/or during the trip to the event and back. Costs should not exceed 6,00 Euro for breakfasts and 10,00 Euro for lunches and dinners.


Article III:
Objects of reimbursement in addition to the cap

§ 1. Visa costs are reimbursed if visa is required to take part in the event (only travel / tourist visa). Original receipts are required. If it is necessary to travel to another country for the visa, this travel can also be reimbursed. Visa costs are reimbursed completely, on top of the agreed Reimbursement Cap; therefore the participants have to add the costs of the visa to the Reimbursement Cap.

§ 2. Insurance costs are reimbursed, if required for the visa.

§ 3. Costs for shipping the reimbursement claim and the receipts to the service provider (postal services) are reimbursed. Original receipts of the shipping costs have to be included.


Article IV:
Process and timeline

§ 1. The reimbursement claim consists of:

  • filling in the online reimbursement form
  • providing the originals of all tickets/invoices/receipts/boarding passesto the service provider:
    • in case of online bookings, a comprehensive print out of the confirmation including a clear indication of the price and the booking date (often, this is the e-mail confirmation date for the online ticket) is required
    • boarding passes for all flights must be enclosed

§ 2. A copy of the documents sent for reimbursement is highly recommended for the own records, in case the letter to the service provider gets lost.

§ 3. The reimbursement claim including the originals must be submitted not later than four weeks after the event/activity (unless an extension is granted in individual cases). The participant is responsible for providing all required documents and information in time. Missing documents and information at the end of the deadline will result in reimbursement of the sufficiently documented claims only.

§ 4. The documents must be sent to:  

       Alexandra McCormack
       CMS, reimbursement
       Barbarastr. 5
       D-50735 Köln

§ 5. Upon receipt of the original documents and a correctly filled in reimbursement form, the service provider sends a confirmation e-mail to the participant. The bank transfer is then done within two weeks.

§ 6. The reimbursement is done only upon submission of originals of the corresponding tickets/receipts/invoices and by bank transfer only (no Western Union). Advance payment is not possible. The participant will need a bank account with SEPA / SWIFT to get the transfer. The amount will be transferred to the bank according to the information provided by the participant in the online reimbursement tool. Wrong provided information will result in exceptional bank charges which have to be borne by the participant.

§ 7. The participant is responsible for providing all required documents and information in time. Missing documents and information at the end of the one-month-deadline will result in reimbursement of the sufficiently documented claims only.

§ 8. Deadline: The original receipts need to be sent to ICUnet until November 30th 2015. Any document after this date, will not be reimbursed.


Article V:

§ 1. CMS is supported by the European Commission, and Euro [€] is the main currency of the CMS budget and activities.

§ 2. Costs in other currencies than the Euro are converted automatically by the online reimbursement tool using the official monthly exchange rate of the European Commission.
Therefore participants only have to indicate the expenses in the local currencyand give the exact date of the receipts.


Article VI:
Bank details

§ 1. Within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) transfers can only be made if the participant provides:

      Name of account holder
      International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

§ 2. For payments outside SEPA the participant is obliged to provide all necessary information his/her bank needs to receive a bank transfer from Germany (location of the service provider).

§ 3. Wrong or incomplete bank details may result in additional charges, which will be deducted from the claimed amount.


Article VII:

These provisions become operative January 1st 2015.



If you are unsure about any of the information / requests above, please  contact us before you purchase any tickets etc.


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